Diwan Al Fan

Founded as an initiative in 2017, Diwan Al Fan now serves as the art entity of Romooz Foundation. The art program is dedicated to supporting visual art, music and film from Yemen through local and international projects -including exhibitions, art residencies and music productions. Providing a global perspective on Yemeni art and culture, Diwan Al Fan encourages the development of projects that expand the discourse around contemporary art, music and film from Yemen.




Kitabat is dedicated to supporting the literature and creative writing scene in Yemen. The program’s activities include workshops, residency programs, publishing, and providing a platform for Yemeni creative writers and novelists to further promote their work locally, regionally and internationally. The program aims to launch the Kitabat writer residency project in 2019 through crowed-funding efforts.



P.A Yemen

Phone Art Yemen is an initiative introduced by Phone Art Global in partnership with Romooz Foundation. The initiative aims to introduce mobile phone as a contemporary art medium. The initiative celebrates the power of creation and highlights artist’s potentials to produce valuable visual artworks with their mobile phones. The mission is to provide an interactive platform with tools and opportunities for the new medium to flourish with a vision to have the smartphone as a mainstream form of art medium in Yemen.