In The Land of Shattered Windows: Young Voices from a Broken Yemen  

Date: June 2018 - March 2019 | Yemen
Type of project: Poetry Dialogue
Funding Partner : Prince Claus Fund

Sitting at the intersection of modern technology and poetic tradition, In the Land of Shattered Windows aims to bring voice to some of the major personal, political, and social conflicts that dictate daily life in Yemen today. Through the exchange of audio recordings of original poems via Whatsapp, young creatives from the opposite sides of these conflicts will communicate alternative narratives to one another that shed light on the human aspects of daily life in Yemen that are missing from the international headlines. 

The project will be launched in February 2019.



On Echoes of Invisible Hearts: Narratives of Yemeni Displacement

Date and place: September 26 to October 18 2018 | Berlin
Type of project: Art Exhibition to open during Berlin Art Week.
Funding Partner : Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

On Echoes of Invisible Hearts features works by artists in Yemen and the diaspora whose explore themes of loss and estrangement due to the current war. In an effort to engage with more personal accounts of the conflict, the exhibition acted as a platform to put forth the artists’ views regarding their experiences as Yemenis. The show is conceived to be presented in the U.S. or Europe so as to further connect to the greater refugee and immigrant experiences that have been at the forefront of current-day political discourses.

Curated by Lila Nazemian, the exhibition featured work by the following Yemeni Artists: Yasmine Diaz , Ibi Ibrahim , Habeeb Abu-Futtaim , Saba Jalas, Eman al- Awami , and Arif Al Nomay . An illustrated catalogue by Yemeni designer Zulfa Ishak accompanied the exhibition.



How to become A Photographer Artist

Date and Place: August 2018 | Sana’a
Type of project: Workshop
Partner: Yemen Art Base

A three day workshop organized by Diwan Al Fan and Yemen Art Base with the purpose of developing he theoretical skills of five Sana’a based photographers. The workshop focused on theory and development, working in projects, and finding the photographer artist’s voice. A number of group tasks were assigned during the workshop as well as a Skype conversation with Bahraini photographer artist Mai al-Moataz where the guest artist spoke to the five participants about her craft and ongoing projects as well as challenges often faced by early career photographer artists. At the end of the workshop, the selected participants worked together as a collective and presented a photo-essay on the subject of “Object and Memory”.

See the photo-essay here.



Diwan Al Fan Art Residency in Berlin

Date and Place: November - December 2017 | Berlin
Type of project: Art Residency
Funding Partner : Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Two contemporary Yemeni artists underwent a month long art residency program in Berlin in November 2017. The residency period ended with an Open Studio on November 28th at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) headquarters after a panel discussion titled “Yemen and the Gulf: Scenarios and repercussions of the Yemen war.” The exhibition was on display until the end of December 2017 at FES headquarters in Berlin. By inviting two Yemeni artists to Berlin, Diwan Al-Fan aimed to foster cross-cultural relations through screenings, workshops and open panel discussions and to present two local perspectives dealing with the current political situation in Yemen.